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INTENSIVE course for PRIVATE groups

Order an intensive course block/session

for private groups and events.

Now You can order an intensive course that lasts one day or one week (course duration is adjustable). 


The private group sessions consist of team building tasks and exercises that will help to develop self-awareness, confidence and public speaking. Course will give an important overlook about acting basics and theatre art.


It's a fun experience after which You will feel much closer to Your teammates.

Language: English & Finnish


Classes for ADULTS

Acting lessons will provide students with the major tools and techniques used by the actor that they could create strong base to demonstrate the ability to create a fully articulated, believable performance exhibiting emotional depth. Also with hands-on-experience possibilities, meaning that school will offer their students to show their performances to the audience.

No prior knowledge of drama acting required, the group is open to all.​


The course material is included in the course fee.

Now there are available Finnish, English and Latvian classes.

Wednesdays (Eng & Fin) 7:00-8:30pm


Paying full amount for Autumn season (Sep - Dec) is 350€/season, Spring (Jan - May) is 450€

Or You can pay monthly, then the cost is 115€ /per month.

*vat and course material included​

One lesson visit costs 15€


New enrolment till 1th of September, 2022, 

but do contact us, if you would like to join in the middle of the season. 

Classes for KIDS

For young children who want to evolve their social, imagination and physical abilities and also to spend time together with people of their own age and play fun, child developing games.

Courses will consist of basic acting techniques,

warm-ups and fun games.

No prior knowledge of drama acting required, the group is open to all.

Language: English/Finnish

Paying full amount for Autumn season (Sep - Dec) is 450€/season, Spring (Jan - May) is 550€

*vat and course material included


MADteatteri SUMMER courses

Exciting acting week

Jun 5.-16. (week 23.-24.)

Evenings between 6 - 9pm,

We will work on acting basics with exercises, that focus on exploring ourselves. With meditation elements, that energizes.

Location will be precised (in Helsinki), but prepare also for outdoor lessons:)

Course fee 250eur

Contact us for more information!

Note the following:


If a student ends in the middle of a season or is on break, the tuition fee will not be refunded unless there are serious reasons for it: pregnancy, serious injury, emigration or moving out of the metropolitan area.


If a student misses the period due to illness, he or she will receive a refund of the final payment against a medical certificate. However, this requires the student to notify the office of the termination and the reason for the termination. Notice of termination must be given immediately upon the onset of the illness. Refunds will not be made retrospectively.


In cases of force majeure, the tuition fee will not be refunded.