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B I O G R A P H Y 

I am a professional actress from Latvia that lives in Helsinki, Finland. I graduated Latvian Academy of Culture - Stage acting in 2013. While in school, I already worked in professional film and theatre productions and step-by-step gained a foothold in the industry. Since graduating I´ve continued to work in exciting productions in and out of Finland. In addition to my work on stage in theatre-productions with Latvian National Theatre and Valmieras Drama Theatre and various other theatres, I have also a broad background in front of the camera - last projects were movies “Vectevs, kas bistamaks par datoru” (2017) and Latvian Japanese co-production movie “Magic Kimono” (2017)


I’m also continuously developing my strengths in the industry by actively studying directing and I´m truly happy that in year 2018 I opened my own acting courses MADteatteri for everyone in Helsinki who wants to learn the basics of acting. 

Ota yhteyttä!


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