Welcome to Stagecoach Performing Arts courses in HELSINKI

MADteatteri, established in 2018, gives international people in Finland chance to acquire knowledges needed for Acting and Theatre arts, and provides an opportunity to develop a shared sense of confidence, commitment and self-expression.

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Every September and January we welcome new members of any age. 

We provide classes for youngsters and adults. 

No previous knowledge in Performing Arts needed. Just come and try out!

We put equal emphasis on the drama process and the final product and we are passionate about creating performances that excite and challange our actors, and showcase their strengths and talents.

Our latest Productions

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Cinderella reset

Performance for kids, 45min

Premiere on 24.10.2020.

"Cinderella reset" is a fun fairytale adaption for nowedays kids. It was made for special Winter celebration day in Bokvillan kahvilla. The story of Cinderella is very known for everyone, but in our story Cinderella loved her stepsisters and she deffinately prefered sneakers over high heals.

Red Hood & the Wolf

A fairy tale for all family.

Premiere on 12.10.2019.


Do You know the story about the Red Hood and the Wolf? Oh you do? But do You know the one, where Red hood loves Wolf and Grandma loves to dance tango? No? Well, this is our version of amazing, adventurous story where everything is possible. Children laughs are guaranteed!



Comedy, 1,20h

Premiere on 30.5.2019.

'Juhlitaan! or "Party begins" is a fun comedy of four friends who are getting ready for a party, but there are few problems with husbands, boyfriends and the party itself. But how good that there are friends who are ready to help as they - always know better!