Our Aim

MADteatteri is 'theatre through learning'. It is for anyone who loves theatre and wants to learn and understand theatre art and the basics of acting. Our aim is to develop peoples skills in acting and to know how to analyse plays and create characters.


MADteatteri lessons consists of complex group dynamics and team building exercises and the skills that are relevant to real life and are particularly applicable to a work environment, for example:

Speaking in public


Positive and confident self image






Understanding others

Creative thinking, divergently and imaginatively


Improved memory


Give and take feedback etc.

It is fun and joyful time that can be spent together with other interesting people and a place where emotions and tensions can be released. Drama acting gives practical knowledge’s for every day situations by making people develop in their communication, body-awareness and self-expression skills. Drama teaches how to become a critical consumer, rather than just a passive viewer. Students are expected to question and criticize their own and others’ processes and products.

By whom?

My name is Alise Polačenko and I am an actress from Latvia. I've been working in Latvian National theatre and participated in many other theatre productions, TVseries and movies. As my road has led me to Finland I am opening my own studio MADteatteri in Helsinki, where I can pass my acting knowledges to people who want to learn drama acting and create performances together for local audience. Future MADteatteri target is also to cooperate with professional actors and directors to gain more experience in theatre work. I want to offer our members exciting, but realistic overview how the work in theatre turns into real products - performances.


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